Frequently Asked Questions

01.What is RotateBar and how does it work? is a free to Join Paid to Promote Program(PTP) Which Pays its users To Promote Link to valid traffic sites.For each visit you send will give you credits based on the Visits type as unique/non unique upto 12 Tier per ip/per day/per ad. Using this Credits you can advertise your own site or Can Covert to Cash and withdraw

01.In which site I can Promote Your Link? and what will happen if I Try to Promote From Other site?

You can see a List of Valid Traffic sites Here Only Traffic From this sites will be counted as valid. If promoting from any other sites or way will not be counted and if our system suspects your activity as spamming,hacking or other then your ip,account will be permanently banned

01.Which type of sites you accept as valid traffic source?

We Only accept Manual Traffic sites, PTC, GPT, Revenue Sharing Program,Grid & Prize programs upon review

01.I have a good sie that I like but Not listed in your site?

Pls Contact us

02.How Can I earn money with RotateBar?

As a member you can Earn by Promoting PTP link,For each Valid visit you will earn credits as per your membership level described in account section.You can covert your credits to cash.You can also earn by Referring Others and Purcahsing cash coin, winning weekly contest or by fullfilling daily checklist.

03.When and how will I get paid?

You can make a cash out request once your account balance reaches to the minimum payment amount of $2 for the 1st request, $5 for the 2nd request ,$10 for the 3rd request then $10 for every request. Cashout request are verified manually and processed within 14 to 45 Days of your request time.

06.What are Cash Coins? How Can I Earn with this?

Cash Coin is a revenue sharing model. Your Coins are Converted to cash automatically at 2% Rate Daily Upon Sending the minimum PTP Traffic as per your membership level.Coin Conversion Rate depends on the Total Balance of your Coin. Currently Coin Balance above 2500 will give you $0.023/coin and below 2500 will give you $0.022/Coin. After Delivering Necessary No of PTP Traffic You Need to Logged in to your Account For Coins to be Converted.If you missed to logged in within the server time,coin will not be converted but they will be still in your balance

08.How much money can I make?

We can not determine how much money you can make with us.Normally it depends on how many visits your link can deliver,how many referrals you have and how many Cash Coin you have purchased. More PTP Visits, more referrals and more Coins means more money you will make. There is no Limit on how much many you can make with us

13.Can I have more than One Account?

No,only one account per household or IP is permitted. This is strictly enforced.But you can access your account from different location

14.I want to advertise my site

You are in the right place to advertise your site in a very cheap price.We will rotate your site to Top Rated Traffic sites.we use strong anti-cheat protection to deliver you always real human view.We never count view from hackers,auto surf,proxy or any bot.You can Advertise by demographic filter,24hrs Unique hit.Site wise, Demographic wise, Date wise Details statistics for views,interactions and click for each advertising type is also available.

15.Which site I can advertise with you?

We accept all types of advertisements, except for websites that break out of the ad frame, sites that do not display in the ad frame (such as youtube, google, facebook links), adult content, gambling, interest/usury, illegal content, hate, racism, drugs, and alcohol.

16.I have added an Advertising but it is not approved yet

We review each advertising manually before they are live on our site.Please wait some time.It will be published asap

17.What will happen if my site is slow and doesn't load?

Our timer will wait upto 3 seconds till your site loads.If your site doesn't load then timer will start counting after this time.It is your responsibility to ensure that your site loads properly before advertise.

18.I have received an email from RotateBar that is asking to make payment?

This is spam.We will never send you any email regarding making payment or seeking your payment info.Avoid this type of spamming and don't click any link given in this type of email.This is phishing email.Clicking on such type of link will steal your valuable info.

19.My Question is not Answered?

Pls Contact us we will be happy to answer your query.Thanks